Lana Janjanin Trio @ Cayman Arts Festival 2020

In February 2020, Lana Janjanin Trio performed at the Cayman Arts Festival and held a masterclass with the local music students.

The announcement of the concert can be found in this article:

By Alan Markoff

"All that jazz featured at the Cayman Arts Festival concerts in the past won’t be like jazz coming to Camana Bay Cinema on 22 February.

“This will be different,” says Cayman Arts Festival Executive Director Marius Gaina. “In the past, most of the jazz performers we’ve had have come from the United States, usually from Juilliard. The Lana Janjanin Trio is a very talented jazz group from Europe, so this is European jazz, which is a bit different.”

Led by Croatian singer-songwriter and pianist Lana Janjanin, the trio also includes Slovenian bass player Marko Ferlan and Austrian drummer Lukas Fellner. All three of the band members are classically trained musicians with great passion for many genres of music, including jazz, soul and rhythm and blues, which they combine in their music, creating their own individual sound and style.

The trio’s performance at Camana Bay Cinema, which starts at 7 p.m., is the final event of the 2020 Cayman Arts Festival.

Cayman Arts Festival
Launched in 2004, the Cayman Arts Festival was the inspiration of local pianist and University College Cayman Islands music lecturer Glen Inanga and Jennifer Micallef. The festival originally took place every two years, but over the years has expanded to include a smaller “eXtra” festival in the years in between. It has also added monthly “Music at the Library” concerts with locally based talent, and special concerts featuring overseas performers from time to time.

Although Micallef, who was once part of an acclaimed performing piano duo with Inanga, rarely comes to Grand Cayman anymore, she is still active in securing talent from Europe for the Cayman Arts Festival. It was Micallef who recruited the Lana Janjanin Trio, Gaina says.
“She knows them from Europe and thought the group was a good choice for us here.”

In addition to the Lana Janjanin Trio concert, other signature events of the 2020 Cayman Arts Festival include a violin and cello recital by Latvian sisters Kristine and Margarita Balanas on 13 February and a performance by the seven-member Rodney Marsalias Philadelphia Big Brass band on 15 February.

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